At Notasuch we’re great believers in nurturing the next generation, and through the company, Vincent has become broadcast industry tutor to new entrants at Northern Ireland Screen, Aim High, BBC Training, Ulster University, Irish Language and Ulster Scots Broadcast Funds, as well as Belfast Metropolitan College.




Gareth McGreevy –  Producer and Participant on Aim High

”Vincent’s commitment to nurturing future talent is clear. He gave me the confidence to become a self-shooting director as well as an appetite to progress as far as I can in my career.


Sian McVeigh –  Director, Participant on Single Camera Directing course, BBC Training

“Perhaps the single most insightful, hands-on short course I’ve ever completed. This course alleviated any anxieties I felt around directing.  Vincent guided me in finding my own style and my own director’s voice, something that has continued to stand by me particularly when engaging with crew and leading a team of people of different skill sets and objectives towards a common goal.”


Andy Mattison – USBF Producer

”I learned how to make a film, creatively, technically in such a short space of time.  A brilliant experience.”


Dr Jolene Mairs Dyer – Lecturer in Media Production

”Students have benefited greatly from Vincent’s experience and creativity along with the guidance and support he provides in his practice workshops at Ulster University.”